About us

 We realised that most dating sites – even the ones who claim to be “free” – cost a fair amount of money. We felt that love should not depend on our ability to pay  – and so Find a Mate For Free was born! You can sign in to the website as FindAMate.com all for free. It is as our motto says “You shouldn’t have to pay to find a date or a mate.”

We strove to create a GREAT dating site, that is a REFUGE from the FOR-PAY dating sites which are all too common today.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide everyone with an absolutely safe, sane, normal and no-pressure website where potential couples can meet and find a mate to enhance their lives.

We felt that love is free and should be free. Love should not be limited by one’s ability to afford a website with a credit card. It should be limited by one’s heart and the heart of our possible future mate. As such, Find A Mate for Free is our gift to love between people without the limitation of cost and expense.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that people should be allowed to mingle, meet and become acquainted with each other as nature meant it to be – but with the help of the Internet.

Nature meant for people to meet, become friends – and more, freely and without cost entering into the equation as a limit.

Concerns or questions?

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Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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