Monica is an attractive girl in our company. Unfortunately, she was born with a disability because she has one of her lower extremities paralyzed since birth; however, she did not let this stop her. She not only worked in the HR department in our company, in her free time, she also worked some evenings as a comedian in local comedy clubs.

Monica was wonderful as a comedian and was well regarded locally as an excellent entertainer. Indeed, in some of our office parties, Monica entertained us as well.

As an HR representative in our office, Monica sat on interview sessions when new candidates were being interviewed for possible employment with our firm. It was during one of these interviews that Monica met William.

William was interviewing as a candidate for the HR department with our firm. From the moment that she sat across from him, Monica was quite taken by this handsome young man. Indeed, during the interview period, she could hardly pay attention to the interview and her duties for that process as she was mesmerized by the handsome young William and the effect that he had on her. Typically, when someone interviews for a position in a company, the candidate is the one who is nervous, but in this case, things were quite the opposite. Here, the company’s HR official, Monica, was the one who was quite nervous because of the feelings that she was developing for this strong and physically imposing man. Monica was quite nervous.

As the interview continued, Monica was able to settle down and control her emotions. She proceeded with the interview session with William, all the while feeling herself perspiring as she looked into his blue eyes and her gaze gently caressed his dark blond locks of hair. She could not help but notice the way his lips gently turned up as he spoke or the way his brow furrowed as he thought of answers to give. Little by little, Monica began to enjoy this interview with William and she was as well aware of the effects that his presence was having on her. As such, she purposely started to prolong the interview with William and to give him more time than she would normally give to a job applicant. Little by little, as the time passed, Monica could feel that her attraction to this strong, attractive, and imposing young man because a gentle, but nonetheless present, focus and obsession of a young woman. She sensed that, if he were to be as interested I her as she was becoming in him, she could sense that she could fall in love with him. As the interview progressed with William, Monica quickly submitted her recommendation that the candidate be accepted for the job . Indeed, she hoped that William would not only be hired, but that he could work in her department so that she might be able to get to know him. Fortunately, her prayers were answered. He was not only approved by herself; he was as well approved by the other interviewers and was awarded the job! Monica was thrilled to learn that William would be an HR executive working near her in her department!

She remembered that just yesterday she had thought of going on the website (or FAMFF.COM as her friends called it) to look for a possible mate and yet here was a wonderful new man who she dreamt would enter her life as he was entering her dreams! She did not need a dating site after all!

That Monday was a special day for Monica. It was William’s first day in the office, and she felt goosebumps as she chose what to wear that day and her favorite perfume. She was excited to come to the office that day and to see William there! Working with her in the same department! All her little girl dreams came flooding back to her. The dream of the white knight who comes to rescue her, the charming young man with strong arms who comes to hold her close to him, the dream of…she arrived at her work.

As she entered the building and arrived at her desk, she saw William and once again felt the rush of emotions and the familiar goosebumps come over her. She thought that William looked particularly handsome this day – indeed more handsome than she even remembered from the day of the interview! She knew that this was not a reasonable response in her, but she even began to even feel a bit of jealousy towards the other women in her office about the fact that they might also wish to get close to William.

As the time progressed with their working relationship, Monica did everything she could to get close and get to know William. She helped him to become acclimated to the office and to learn the required paperwork done. She did all she could to make things easier for him. She made every effort to try to spend as much time as possible with him.

One day, there was an office party and Monica dressed very well. She hoped that William will find her attractive and will become enamored with her.

As always, Monica created a wonderfully fun environment for everyone in the office with her comedy during the office party. Everyone laughed at her jokes and felt a sense of warmth towards her. She hoped that this also included William. At the end of the party, William came towards Monica. She could feel her heart beating quickly as he approached. She listened attentively as he looked at her with those beautiful blue eyes and told her “you are a brilliant comedian Monica. You are really good! I hope that you will entertain the office some other time when we have an office party” and walked away. Monica was heartbroken. She had hoped that he would strike up a conversation with her and that this would lead to them spending time and, possibly, dinner? She hoped that he might give her a compliment on her looks, the he might tell her that he had been looking at her as she had been looking at him – but William did not do any of these things. That evening, when the company driver took her home (the company insists that if there is any drinking of alcohol at office parties, the company pays for drivers to drive employees home) Monica was filled with mixed emotions. She felt a storm of emotions brewing in her heart and mind. That night, all she could think of what William said – and what he didn’t say – to her that day. She found it difficult to sleep that night. She remembered that she dreamt of him and the hopes of the two of them becoming close. She dreamt of how he would ask her to go to dinner and how she would look at his beautiful eyes and gentle smile across a candle lit table. She remembered her dreams of the two of them going for long walks and even visiting Paris together someday. As she dreamt of him, her feelings towards him had continued to grow. One day, William arrived at the HR department. She could feel herself staring at him and, as usual, getting lost in her love related dreams. At that moment, she was abruptly awakened from her daydream by William! He was asking her for something that he needed for his work in the office, but she could barely concentrate. She was completely lost by his soft, manly voice. His attractive looks. His muscular appearance. As she was struggling to find her composure, he asked her gently touched her shoulder and asked “Are you ok?” There was no love or affection or passion in his gaze. Just the calm look of a fellow employee concerned for the health of a fellow employee. Monica came out of her dreams and faced her reality. She calmly responded to William “yes I am ok. I am absolutely fine.” And quietly returned to her work. William further asked her about other work-related issues and she calmly answered him without much looking at him. As she softly but painfully reached the conclusion that her emotions were unrequited, she calmly and gently knocked over a glass on her desk which fell and shattered near her foot on the floor. She did this just to check William’s reaction. She hoped that, one last time, she may see a reaction of concern, of attraction of rescuing a “damsel in distress” reaction in William, but sadly his reaction was one calm concern for a co-worker. His response was not so surprising. He responded normally as other people would do. He just asked Monica if she was “ok” and if the glass had hit her foot to which she softly answered “No. Its ok…”

Monica was very upset that day. She could not eat. She went home and was unable to sleep the whole night. The sad but dawning reality came to her that William would not likely be attracted towards her as she is not a typical girl. She is the handicapped and has a disability. No matter how much she has tried lifelong to overlook this aspect of her physical appearance, the painful realization came to her that not everyone is able to do so. Especially not William.

Monica could not bring herself to go to the office for two or three days. She just could not face William again that soon. She needed time to process this hurt, this disappointment.

When she finally drummed up the  courage to return to work and the office that she and William shared, she found on her desk an invitation bearing Williams handwriting. He had given this invitation to her – as well as to all of the other work mates. William had invited everyone to his engagement party that weekend. Monica debated whether to accept this invitation or not. After all, it was not William who had developed all of these fantasies and dreams towards their possible relationship. It had all occurred and grown in her mind. It was not his fault. She sent a note accepting his invitation. The note that she sent said “Wishing you and your new wife all the best.”


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