People on earth have been doing less-than-wonderful things since the Bible’s account of Cain and Able and possibly even since the account of Adam and Eve. Unfortunately, this remains true today.

Many years ago – and this remains true in some countries – dating was a family affair. A well known family friend has a daughter who they wish to marry with their well known friend’s son and the marriage is arranged by the parents. As difficult as this is to believe, this continues to occur to this day.

I remember being in college in Massachusetts and having a good friend named Roy (his real name was Rajid, but we all called him Roy), who was from India. Roy and I and all of our friends were very close. One day, out of seemingly nowhere, Roy tells us that he needs to fly to Indiana to meet his future bride. “Future bride??! What future bride?” we asked in disbelief.

Apparently Roy’s parents had arranged for Roy to fly from Massachusetts to Indiana to meet a girl who he was supposed to marry.

“What? Marry a girl who you do not even know? Are you nuts? Don’t do it Roy” we pleaded, but off he went and he married that girl. This was years ago and Roy is still married to that wonderful lady and they have three beautiful children.

This may have worked out for Roy, but for the rest of us, we meet someone, fall in love and if it works out, we decide to marry that person. That was the way it almost always occurred – until the time of the Internet happened.

With the advent of the Internet and online dating sites, the whole “dating and finding a mate” situation has been turned upside down.

Whereas in the past we perhaps had the possibility of meeting tens – possibly thirty or forty – potential partners who lived near where we lived, with the advent of online dating sites, we now have a chance to chose from a possible pool of hundreds – if not from thousands – of people; some of who live perhaps as far as hundreds of miles away.

There is the crux of this blog article. The distance and the unknown.

Online dating can be and often is wonderful. By going online to meet someone, we get the opportunity to meet someone who we might have never met. Someone who we thank our lucky stars to have met and someone who completes our lives.

Unfortunately, however, online we also have the danger of meeting someone who is less than honest and unfortunately, possibly less than nice.

This is the case with the new dishonesty called CryptoRom that is afflicting the online dating world.

The word “CryptoRom” comes from the word “Crypto” which refers to Crypto currencies. This form of currency is growing to be a solid form of finance. Plus the word “Rom” for Romance.

As some unhappy stories tell us, there are people who join popular dating sites such as (or FAMFF.COM) and other dating sites, just to prey on unsuspecting people.

These bad people tell a person to download an app onto their Apple iPhone or onto their Android phones and then use this app to convince the victim to deposit money in the form of cryptocurrencies.

“But iPhones do not permit people to download apps that are not in the App Store” you say? Well, that is true. But the criminals ask you to download an app in a “Test Mode” form using an app version called “Test Flight,” which bypasses Apple’s Stringent permissions criteria for new apps for the App Store. Dishonest people do similar things for Android phones.

Therefore, if you meet someone on a dating site and that person IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER asks you to either 1) Download an app or 2) visit an App or do ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH MONEY – DON’T DO IT!!

Dating sites are for finding significant others – not for exchanging money.

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